Written by Jake Brady

3 Challenges When Building on the Coast

Ocean views, fresh sea breeze and a beach within walking distance – who wouldn’t love to build a coastal home? While there are many upsides to living beside the beach, there are certain factors you’ll need to consider when you plan a new home by the coast. 

For example, the weather can be a lot more unpredictable than in other parts of the country, meaning you’ll need to use sturdy materials in the build. You’ll also need to do a little more research when it comes to choosing your builder, as only an expert will be able to ensure your new home is fit for purpose. 

Here, we reveal the top 3 things to consider when planning a coastal home – and how, with an experienced builder like Smartbuild South Coast, you can turn your dreams of beachside living into reality.

Only certain materials will do

Because of the sand and salt in the air, you’ll need to ensure your home is built with materials that can withstand the elements. It’s important to stay realistic when making your plans and bear in mind that you won’t be able to use just any material you want – for example, salt may corrode certain metals and sand can erode finishes.

Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful options available. Timber lends a rustic feel to your coastal home and looks fabulous as flooring, whether you go for engineered hardwood veneer or the real deal.

You can’t beat concrete when it comes to durability and it’s also incredibly easy to maintain. An added bonus is that it lends a polished industrial-chic look to your home.

The best metal to use is stainless steel. Pick the correct grade and it can last you a lifetime, provided you clean and maintain it regularly. 

Prepare for all weathers

Unfortunately, living by the seaside doesn’t guarantee year-round beach weather. Storms are particularly common on the coast, so you’ll need to prepare for more extreme weather than you might in the city. 

Get ready for strong winds and heavy rain by choosing high-quality materials for all exterior parts of the building – think roof, windows and decking. Spending a little more is well worth it when you consider the level of damage and future costs it can save you. 

Make sure all outdoor furniture can easily be covered up or stored inside to protect it from the wind and rain. As for enjoying the views on days you can’t sit outside, incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows is a great way to create the illusion of being outdoors even when it’s blowing a gale outside.

Rules and regulations 

Many coastal areas place height restrictions on residential builds, meaning your dream home may have to be a little smaller than planned. However, an experienced builder will find ways to work around any height limits, ensuring you won’t need to miss out on those ocean views.

When you work with someone who’s seen and done it all before, you can relax knowing they’ll take care of everything, from sourcing the best materials to ensuring you have all the right permits, and that your build sits within local regulations.

If you’re ready to get started on a custom home build on the South Coast of NSW, get in touch with Jake and the team at Smartbuild South Coast today.