We believe true luxury resides in the detail.

Our commitment seamlessly blends this level of attention with the joy of building to every architectural home we build.

A true south coast local, founder Jake Brady always knew he wanted to be a builder, and now architectural homes are ingrained in his personal journey – from local south coast carpentry apprentice spending his days on site with a high-end builder to learn the detail of the craft, to establishing his own contemporary luxury home building business in 2012.

Jake’s love for what he does sees him bring passion for exceptional craftsmanship to each home he builds, and this enthusiasm is shared by the whole Smartbuild team. Having worked together for over a decade, being on site feels like family – it’s a joy to come to work every day, and the understanding of each other’s complementary skillsets allows the team to perfect what they do and build luxury homes that delight their clients.

Working with clients is a privilege, and Jake is involved from the very beginning of each project. It’s this appreciation that brings positive energy to the building journey for both clients and the Smartbuild South Coast team – clients feel confident knowing their vision is understood at every stage of the build, and the team brings passion and pride to the work they do.

The Smartbuild team were professional, skilled and reliable. Any problems were always dealt with immediately

We offer you the complete package tailored to suit your individual needs. This means that whether you are looking at some major renovations or are building a custom home we can offer you the unique service that you need to make your dream home a reality.

Smartbuild South Coast has the experience and skills to ensure that your custom project is completed successfully, on time and within your budget. We can do this because we have developed a unique, individual specific, architectural building service along with high quality logistics and drawing for major renovations, custom home builds and architectural designed projects.

The unique approach we take allows us to have an overall look at how your project will work, so from start to finish we are making sure that the functionality, area, and design of your project is taken into consideration while building your home. This means your new home or renovation is smartly integrated into the areas look and feel while also meeting your needs and plan.

Smartbuild South Coast is the only team ready to deliver the high quality professional service you deserve. If you want a smart, professional service contact Smartbuild South Coast now and let us help you build the home of your dreams.

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