Written by Jake Brady

Making The Most of Natural Materials In Your Coastal Build

Preparing to build your dream coastal home is exciting. And with some good planning, your home can be designed to make the most of those stunning ocean views and fresh sea breezes, whilst also withstanding the environmental effects of coastal conditions.

Coastal weather can present unique challenges for our homes, including unpredictable weather, and corrosion and rust from the salty air.

An experienced builder can support you to choose durable natural materials for your home that give you that sought after coastal aesthetic and withstand the harsh conditions.

Here we’re sharing how to make the most of natural materials in your build, with durable products designed for coastal conditions.

Durable materials for your home’s exterior

The exterior materials you choose for your home provide the first layer of protection against the elements.

Because coastal houses face extreme conditions (which can lead to a faster deterioration of materials), it’s important to choose materials that can withstand the environment. 

Strong materials for external walls and roofing

Treated native timber

Native timber can outlast imported wood in a coastal climate, and is a more eco-friendly choice.

Composite Timber

Made with a sustainable combination of woodchips and recycled plastic, composite timber is both hard-wearing and sustainable, making it a positive choice for your build.

Natural stone

Highly durable, natural stone withstands the salty sea air. You can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your desired aesthetic.


Colorbond’s corrosion-resistant metal cladding (and roofing) has been developed specifically for coastal conditions.


A durable and versatile choice, concrete blends well with wood and other natural materials and also provides insulation from the elements.

The perfect summer deck made with materials that will last

A popular feature of many Australian coastal homes is the deck – perfect for cooling off and enjoying a summer barbeque with friends and family, and soaking in the warm, winter sun.

Composite timber decking

Strong and light weight, composite timber decking is an excellent choice for durable, easy-care decking that’s a breeze to clean and maintain. Made from recycled wood fibre and plastics, it’s a great way to add sustainable materials into your build.

Stone pavers

Luxe up a terrace deck with beautiful stone pavers that can be colour matched to your exterior. Geometric placement or organic shapes can be chosen to suit the style of your home.

Garden paths that stand the test of time

If you plan to create paths through your coastal garden, it’s important to choose materials that can last through rain, wind and foot traffic.

Natural stone

Natural stone is a popular choice, that’s durable and looks at home throughout the landscape.

Timber steps

Create terracing with timber steps to lead guests to enjoy every area of your coastal block.

Durable materials for the interior of your coastal home

Frequently used areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and floors require special attention in any home.

Entertain with style and ease

Natural stone

Long-lasting and easy to clean, stone is a highly durable natural material that instantly adds a touch of style to your home and reflects coastal colours.

Incorporate stone into your coastal home with stone benchtops in the kitchen and bathroom(s).

Timber flooring

Timber brings instant warmth to your home, and are a great option for your coastal home, adding texture and natural colour to every space

If you’re ready to get started on the construction of your very own coastal home, get in touch with Jake and the team at Smartbuild South Coast today!