Written by Jake Brady

Everything you need to know about installing a lift in your new build

There’s a new must-have for show-stopping, architectural homes – a home elevator. Thanks to advances in technology, the home lift is no longer for the elite – just as the ensuite revolutionised homes in the twentieth century, a lift in your home is a game changer for luxe living and convenience.

To make the decision to include a lift in your new build even easier for you, we’ve done the research as to why you should consider adding an elevator to your home.

From a structural point of view, lifts can make an architectural statement and level up your home’s design. The material you choose for your lift makes a statement. From shining chrome to polished copper features on the doors and interior, to the lift shaft’s enclosure, your home’s design can centre around that of your lift.

Glass lift shafts allow light to play in otherwise dark spaces, making the addition of stunning interior courtyards an option for your new custom coastal home. A glass lift shaft provides an element of spaciousness too, opening up the entire floor of your home. They also allow you to visually see the entire height of your home, adding a stunning atrium effect.

Home lifts bring many benefits to your new build too.

Investing in a home lift adds immense value to your home from both the ‘wow’ factor, as well as the addition of practical convenience.

Home lifts increase mobility by allowing all residents access to every floor in your home. Younger and older residents as well as those with special mobility needs can move around from floor to floor easily. And depending on your life stage, incorporating a lift in your home’s design means you have the option to stay in your forever home, forever.

A lift can add even more value to your new custom home’s location too. Coastal homes often take advantage of views, and that means the kitchen may be best located on the first or second floor. Climbing multiple flights of stairs to these living areas can be a hassle, especially when you’re lugging groceries, bags, and furniture all the way up. Lifts make it much easier to move items around the home’s living areas.

Lifts are wonderful for pets, especially older pets. Stairs can be dangerous for very young pets as well, and a lift makes your home fur baby friendly by providing safe access to every level, so they can spend time with you in every part of your home.

Perhaps the best thing about home lifts is that they can be incorporated down the track. If you’re starting to think about designing your new custom home and considering the addition of a lift in the future, you’ll need to design your home with the provision for a lift well.

At Smartbuild South Coast, we have the knowledge and experience to help you build your dream custom home, complete with its own lift. Contact us today to start the conversation.