Written by Jake Brady

Architectural Home Design in 2023. What To Look Out For

As 2023 continues, new trends for home designs continue to emerge, particularly amongst architectural homes. When building an architectural home, there are a number of key aspects that need to be considered before going ahead with the build. At Smartbuild South Coast, we are passionate about leading the way in fresh and exciting architecture, creating eye catching homes that are guaranteed to stand out.

Here’s our rundown on what to look for in 2023 architectural home design:

Embrace natural surroundings

Take your home design to the next level by embracing its beautiful, natural surrounds. Incorporating exterior elements of your home with the interior can create synergy amongst spaces, and a truly majestic and homely environment.

Not only is this a beautiful way to elevate your home, it also allows for the incorporation of functional features. Embracing your home’s natural surroundings can be achieved through many ways, such as:

  • Large glass windows and doors that invite the outside in to create open and spacious living zones not only create beautiful views to the outdoors, but also allow an abundance of natural light to enter your home.
  • Matching interior cabinetry to exterior natural surroundings creates visual continuity, so consider using natural timbers or stone in kitchen or laundry cabinetry.
  • Strategically positioned windows used to frame outdoor landscapes creates a scene that almost makes the outdoors appear like a painting on the wall.
  • Ensuring that exterior finishes are sensitive to environmental conditions creates a sense of oneness with your home’s location.

Build to suit local conditions

When building an architecturally designed home, it’s important to consider the local conditions and choose the materials to suit. Factors such as the direction of roofing or positioning of windows can be an important decision in the design process. Things to consider when building to suit local conditions include:

  • What local area weather conditions are expected for annual rainfall, winds, and temperature ranges?
  • Is the area prone to any floods, droughts or fires?
  • What impact will temperatures and natural changes have?

Work with a team of dedicated experts

Architects are specialists in their field, meaning they understand every detail required to design a home that showcases its natural environment. And when you engage an architect during your design stage, every aspect of your home will be considered. From your block’s orientation to the placement of windows, to incorporating skylights, to adding balconies – architects will design your home to incorporate the features you need to deliver the home that you want.

Once you are happy with the design, you can finalise the details, and then start the building process. That way, the building journey is a smooth one, as every detail is recorded and understood. We have worked with the best local architects for more than ten years, and have developed great working relationships to ensure we deliver a home you will love to live in.

At Smartbuild South Coast, we’ve been building in the local area for over a decade, and we know the best way to make the most of your home to enjoy where you live for years to come. If you’re ready to start the conversation about your build, contact us today.