Written by Jake Brady

Should Your New Home Be Single or Double Storey?

When it comes to designing your dream home, there are plenty of decisions to make. Which way will it face? How many living spaces will you need? What aesthetic will you go for? 

One of the most important initial decisions you will face is whether to build up or out – in other words, whether to create a single or double-storey home. As one of the South Coast’s leading residential builders, we’ve guided dozens of clients through this same question. Here’s what we’ve learnt. 

1. Work with what you’ve got 

The first element to consider when approaching the question of single or double-storey is to examine your existing block. If it’s narrow, going up may be the better option, but should there be plenty of space, sticking with the one floor may be suitable. There’s also the issue of approvals – some councils will have restrictions on how high, or how far out you can build, influencing what you can and can’t do on your land. 

2. Consider your needs

Every homeowner is different, which means your needs are too. For example, will stairs present an accessibility or mobility issues in the near future? Do you have a young family that would benefit from a larger garden space? Perhaps your children are older and would appreciate separate living spaces that an upstairs area would afford? 

Thinking about how your family will use your home will be the best guide for its eventual design. Another element to consider is the potential to introduce views of the wider environment. Depending on where your home is situated, this could result in additional value later down the line. 

3. Can you afford it?

Your budgets can play a huge part in your decision between a single or double-storey home. As a general rule, it is more expensive to build up rather than out, as more equipment, such as scaffolding, is required. It can also extend the length of the build, so if you’re on a limited timeline, opting for a single storey may be a better option. 

That said, while building up is more expensive, this cost may be offset in land price, as you can build a double-storey home on a smaller plot. 


Should you be thinking about building your new home in 2019, get in touch with Smartbuild South Coast today. We can assist with all types of custom homes, including single and double-storey designs.