Written by Jake Brady

Where to Spend the Dollars in a Custom Home Build

(and Where You Can Afford to Spend Less) 

Building your dream custom home is such an exciting prospect. Once you’ve made the decision to build, you’ll need to start considering your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ so you can establish a realistic budget. 

Your budget should be largely based on your essentials, with a few desirable add-ons (or ‘wants’) included where possible. To make the most of this sum, it’s a good idea to engage a builder early in the process so you can discuss your options. An experienced builder can provide cost-effective alternatives and design suggestions so you can cut costs and spend more on the things you want. 

In addition to these tips, a builder can advise on elements you’ll need to invest in – like high-quality materials, flooring and insulation – and those that you can afford to spend less on – like storage spaces and non-permanent features. Read on to find out more. 

Invest in High Quality Materials 

You should never skimp on price when choosing materials for your new home. High-quality internal and external materials may cost more in the short term, but they will pay off in the long run. 

Higher quality timber, cladding and roofing for example, will elevate the design of your new home, while also lasting longer than lower quality materials. Cheaper materials often result in faster wear and tear, which means paying maintenance and repair costs sooner rather than later. Investing in high-quality materials upfront means your home will last many years before requiring maintenance work.

Save with Storage Spaces 

Built-in storage spaces are a great way to organise your new home, but they don’t need to cost the earth. Opt for simple, yet functional cupboards, drawers and hanging spaces and fill these with low cost containers, baskets and shelving to help keep your belongings neat and tidy.

Great storage doesn’t need to cost the earth and there are many ways to achieve organisation without investing in bespoke joinery and high-end finishes. Of course, should this be important to you or appear on your ‘wants’ list, there’s no reason you can’t include this in your new home – it’s your custom space after all. 

Invest in High Quality Insulation 

You need to be comfortable in your home and one way of ensuring this is by investing in high-quality insulation. While a quality builder knows this and should communicate this to you, it’s important to understand why. Insulation helps regulate the temperature of your home and will ensure your spaces are kept warm during winter and cool during summer. 

While insulation may seem like an expensive aspect of your build, it’s non-negotiable. Plus, by investing in high-quality insulation, you’ll be saving money on energy bills in the long run, as you’ll have less need for air conditioning, heaters and fires. 

Save with Non-Permanent Features 

One of the best places to save money in your home build is in non-permanent features. From furniture and appliances, to wall art, light fixtures and linen, these are elements that won’t require a major renovation should your tastes change in a few years’ time.

That being said, given you’re building a brand new custom home, we recommend investing in a few high-end pieces that bring you joy. Whether it’s a large timber dining table or a plush throw for the bedroom, these items are likely to provide regular doses of dopamine – a worthwhile investment in our opinion.

Invest in High Quality Flooring 

High-quality flooring is another non-negotiable in your home. Whether you’re opting for polished timber throughout, carpet in the bedrooms or a statement polished concrete, your floor is not the time to save money.

As the most high-traffic part of your home, your floor needs to be crafted from high-quality, durable and long-lasting materials. Flooring also sets the tone for your space, creating style and establishing your unique personality – something that can add value should you decide to sell in the future.

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