Written by Jake Brady

How To Create The Ultimate South Coast Outdoor Living Area

The South Coast is blessed with picturesque views and beautiful summer sunshine. To take full advantage of these qualities, it’s important to create an outdoor living area that is equal parts comfort, function and style.

This way, friends and family can enjoy your outdoor oasis year-round. More importantly, a perfectly-designed outdoor living area creates yet another space in the home to fill with love and of course, your personal style.

Keep reading to discover six ways that you can create the ultimate South Coast outdoor living area in your own backyard.

Summer shade is key

South Coast residents will tell you that during the summertime, the sun packs a punch. Instead of shutting the doors and remaining inside with the air conditioner on, create an outdoor living area that incorporates shade.

Shade can be achieved in a number of practical yet stylish ways. For example, you could utilise the limbs of a large backyard tree as shade for your decking area. Another option is to install outdoor blinds that can block out the harsh sun while still providing the distinct feeling of being outside.

Don’t forget winter warmers

While the South Coast plays host to idyllic weather, it doesn’t always escape the wrath of winter. Luckily, with a few key tips and tricks, you can ensure that your outdoor living area remains functional in both the summer heat and winter cool.

To provide warmth, consider installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your outdoor living area. This way, guests and family members can keep warm and toast a few marshmallows on winter nights. Another option is installing a patio heater above or next to the sitting area.

Choose ambient lighting

After you’ve gone to the trouble of designing a home, you want to be able to enjoy all its features, day and night. That’s why it’s important to style an outdoor living area with ambient lighting.

Whether installing garden lights, placing lanterns by the pool, or stringing fairy lights through the pergola, think about practicalities. You want enough light to make your outdoor area comfortable, but you also don’t want lights shining too harshly. By incorporating different ambient lighting options, your outdoor area becomes a visual delight.

Consider cooking and dining facilities

The ultimate outdoor living area is, in essence, functional. To achieve functionality, design your alfresco space complete with cooking and dining facilities. This way, you can enjoy the very best of outdoor living throughout the year.

Installing cooking and dining facilities can be as simple or as complex as you like. For example, those looking for a simple yet effective solution could opt for a free-standing barbecue. For those after something a little extra, an outdoor kitchen complete with drinks fridge, functioning sink and pizza oven is a great option.

When incorporating outdoor cooking features into an outdoor living area, it’s always smart to provide adequate seating. For example, this could take the form of a large table complete with a bench on one side and dining chairs on the other.

Remember comfort meets style when it comes to furniture

When sitting outdoors and enjoying the environment you’ve cultivated out there, you want to be comfortable. Otherwise, your hours of hard work and styling will go to waste.

With this in mind, invest in durable and stylish outdoor furniture options. When shopping for products, think about variety. Some people like to sit in armchairs while others prefer couches. Provide a few options so that whether you’re enjoying the sun by yourself or having friends over, everyone is comfortable.

A touch of greenery goes a long way

Plants create a sense of tranquillity. They also provide you with a way to seamlessly carry your indoor style, outdoors. By choosing pots that match your interior colour scheme, the outdoor area becomes an extension of the inside.

Incorporating greenery into an outdoor living area can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One section of the garden can be filled with pots of varying sizes. The wall behind the outdoor sofa can play host to a vertical garden. Even sections of your pergola can be threaded with vines that will grow with time.


If you’re ready to start the process of designing and constructing your dream home, complete with a luxurious outdoor living area, get in touch with Jake and the team at Smartbuild South Coast today.