Do you need to make a room larger? Are you looking at changing up your current home? Smartbuild South Coast are here to help with your home renovation, home extensions and alteration requirements in Illawarra and beyond.

At Smartbuild South Coast, we know exactly how to provide a stress-free renovation experience, from the very beginning until long after completion.  We will not start the demolition and reconstruction until all materials are in our possession and you are completely satisfied with our plan.

Quality renovations can add value to your home

Everyone knows that renovating your home is the number one way to increase the value and comfort of your home. But to make the most of your renovation you will need to give careful consideration as to how your new space is going to be used. The renovation builders at Smartbuild South Coast can guide you through the process making sure that the renovation you envision is the one you get.

When you come to Smartbuild South Coast you can be confident that from the moment you step through our door your alteration or renovation will be in safe hands. We have the industry experience, skills and knowledge to make sure that this new part of your home is built expertly and fits in with the existing house exactly how you imagined it. Our renovations builders have worked with residents across Illawarra and South Coast, delivering stunning projects within the specified time frame and budget, and they have done since 2012.

Delivering exceptional home renovations and impeccable service, every time

Smartbuild South Coast will manage your project completely to your needs from your first visit to the day we shake your hand until when we are done. Smartbuild South Coast are experts in all phases of the construction process, so the quality and timely completion of your project is absolutely guaranteed.

Our experienced team of professionals will manage everything seamlessly from removing the first walls, right through to polishing the shine into your new finishes. You can rest assured that our professionals understand every detail of what is needed to complete your renovation or alteration to the highest degree of excellence.

At Smartbuild South Coast, we also create beautiful custom home builds, impressive outdoor living spaces and fantastic architectural design.

Smartbuild South Coast are leaders for a reason. Get in contact for an initial site assessment. Our home renovations and home extensions service is offered throughout Illawarra and South Coast.