Written by Jake Brady

How to Maximise Waterfront Views in Your Home Design

Are you lucky enough to be living on the waters edge? It would be an absolute shame to let these potentially beautiful views go to waste! In addition to offering stunning vistas, homes on a waterfront location bring in an absolute premium – so whatever your intention is during the build, making the most of your view of the water is a no-brainer.

So how can you maximise your waterfront views? Here are our top 5 techniques…

1. Establish a connection

When building a waterfront home, the most important thing to get right is orientation. While it may sound obvious, positioning your home at an angle that maximises ocean or inlet views and takes into consideration the sun’s movements is crucial. 

Once this foundation has been laid, every other aspect of the home design should take advantage of your piece of shoreline. Each space should be meticulously positioned and designed to support your waterside lifestyle, whether it be inside or outside. 

2. Be smart with your floorplan

Optimise the layout of your home so that as many spaces as possible have access to your waterfront view. These areas are known as the ‘front row’ – typically consisting of living areas, kitchens and outdoor living spaces. A clever floorplan will then place utility areas such as stairs, closets, and bathrooms behind your priority spaces. 

Spacious, open plan living areas allow you to bask in the view from a number of angles, whether that be enjoying a meal at the dining table or relaxing with a book in the lounge. Execute this effectively and your waterfront view will serve as a constant source of relaxation and inspiration.

3. Work with your windows

The bigger the windows, the better the view. Simple right? We recommend adding large floor-to-ceiling windows or bi-fold doors in as many water-facing areas of your home as possible. Not only will this let you to marvel at your little piece of natural, but it will allow plenty natural light to flow into your home.

We also recommend taking this one step further by incorporating corner windows into your build. These allow you to indulge in everything the coastline has to offer, capturing the breadth of the view in breathtaking fashion. These can result in stunning views from every angle, so you can truly immerse yourself in your new waterfront lifestyle. 

4. Outdoor living spaces

Take the opportunity to really soak in the waterfront with the perfect outdoor living space. Bask in the summer sun and seaside views in an outdoor barbecue, dining or living area. At Smartbuild South Coast, we can help you establish a connection between your indoor and outdoor zones that will allow you to maximise the scenery. 

Adding a fireplace or outdoor heater will extend your outdoor space’s appeal into the colder months – but be sure to consult with an expert builder on how best to shelter your sanctuary from coastal winds.

5. Don’t forget about functionality

Don’t give up your haven. While of course you want to gaze upon the waterfront unobstructed, you must design your home with care so as not to compromise its serenity. By nature, waterfront homes are more susceptible to the elements – whether it be sea spray, sunlight or coastal winds. 

Those enormous, floor-to-ceiling windows spanning the length of your house may offer amazing coastal views, but they may also leave you exposed to an unbearable amount of harsh morning light. We recommend double-glazed windows and glass with heat reflectivity, as well as specialised blinds that dull light without compromising your view.

Don’t let these potential problems put you off – hire an experienced architect and builder who knows how to maximise views with design solutions that will positively impact the liveability of your home.

Waterfront homes come with their own unique challenges and opportunities. However, they all have one thing in common – when executed properly, they offer breathtaking results for the lucky owner to enjoy all year round. 

At Smartbuild South Coast, we’re currently working on a waterfront project in Werri Beach where we’re building our clients a stunning seaside forever home. Click here to see more of this project, or get in touch with Jake and the team to find out how we can bring your very own coastal paradise to life.